Winter is...

HERE!!!  We will have a low of 37F tonight!  This year I am more prepared.   Swapped my VW GTI for a Audi all wheel drive...moved from the lake to the top of the mountain, bought a snowboard, goggles, helmet and a season pass.  Let it snow!!!!!


Weirdo. I only use rear wheel drive and tried to make my way as deep into winter as possible with summer tires on.

I like driving sideways.

Hit the mountain yesterday for some night boarding...I hit it so hard the lenses popped out if my goggles!

i'm gonna be on a mountain one way or another in feb. just not sure which country yet

I went shooting the other day too...I need to go more often.  My fundermenrals are a bit soft

winter is finally over!


Now it's  37...centigrade?

Moke -

Now it's  37...centigrade?

Just about 20