winxp pro install problem

I tried upgrading my comp from xp home edition to professional. Setup seems to start ok but when it restarts my computer it goes to a black screen which gives me the choice of starting home edition or professional setup.

If I leave it on the default of setup I get a blue/error screen saying that I should check for viruses or uninstall any additional hard drives. I ran Norton and there are no viruses and I dont have any extra hard drives.

Is there any way to get that from coming up every time I start the computer? I tried system restore but setup must have erased all my save points.

........upgrade? I never knew that was an option

You might try checking into if you were actually able to do that, sounds like both of the OSes are conflicting with eachother and you may have left your computer in a bind.

fin is correct. I don't believe an upgrade is possible.

So how do I get xp professional on my computer? Do I have to do a full install-wouldn't that erase all my stuff currently on my computer?

Yes it would, Hardrock. You need to backup all the stuff that you want to keep, then proceed with a clean install of XP Pro.

You can install in a directory other than the default. Do a full install and install to \WinXP2 or something instead of \Windows. Then you will still have your data files, but you will need to reinstall all of your apps.