Wiping all traces of something on a PC?

I fucked up and searched for 9-11 clown on the deep web. I know....

How do I wipe my PC? Should I just destroy the Harddrive and ram to be safe? Phone Post 3.0

Gotta write 0s bro Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

set it on fire and pretend it's a roof

pour water all over it, then put it in a bag of rice, then drill holes in it, then oven bake it

Dban maybe Phone Post 3.0

According to Mr robot snap everything in half and microwave Phone Post 3.0

nothing will get your soul back. Phone Post 3.0

Dart disk. Do a dod 4 wipe pass. You can never wipe away your web history though. Phone Post 3.0

The feds don't care about 9/11 clown, there's only one thing the FEDS care about. You better start working preparing your cornhole.

Replace HD

your isp has your web history so that is never going to go away

CaptainWoody - Replace HD

your isp has your web history so that is never going to go away
This. You can smash your hd to dust and scatter pieces around the globe but the shame of youe web history is never going away. Phone Post 3.0

Blue please



Sledge hammer/hard drive Phone Post 3.0


Dban. Darek's boot and nuke.

Military grade.

Don't fuck around. Phone Post 3.0

CCleaner full drive wipe. 7 pass NSA standards.

But with that shit. Yank the hard drive out, smash it with a hammer and then bury it in a box of magnets. Phone Post 3.0

What the fuck is 9-11 clown?

the_b00ts - Break into your isp's server center and sabotage all the tapes by making the temp rise to 95. You'll need good social engineering skills and a Raspberry Pi to hard wire to the HVAC control system.

Don't forget to take your meds. Phone Post 3.0