Wireless Router Question?

I hooked up a wireless router to my computer so that I can get online with my Xbox 360.

My problem is that sometimes my internet won't respond upstairs and I have to disconnect the router and hook the net directly back to the computer.

Any solutions? I'm not the most computer savvy person but the router hooked up fine and I have had both working before.


I thought you said you answered my question?

can you re-phrase the question. kind of confusing.

I have a wireless router hooked up so that I can have an online connection for my Xbox 360. So the cable goes into the router and then into the computer.

For some reason although there appears to be no problems(IT Help with my internet company confirmed this) the internet will just stop working. Why is this....

Is it a hardware issue...is there a virus that would do this...does my computer just suck?

what kind of router is it? if it's linksys, then that's a common problem that i've experienced and spent a lot of time researching. if it is linksys i would suggest going to their site and downloading the latest firmware. that seemed to fix my problem. they also have a very user friendly router setup that basically does everything for you. you just click on the prompts and it does all the configuring.

hope that helps.


what is the model?

have you called india?

is it under warranty?


i had an early version girly...something like v.2 and it was giving me all sorts of problems. i was resetting it almost everyday. the wireless computer worked well most of the time but the pc that was wired to the router wouldn't connect to save my life. i shelled out the extra $55 and bought the linksys v.6 w/speedbooster, installed the new firmware and haven't really had any problems since (knocks on wood).

Wow...it is a linksys and it was really simple to install. I will try downloading the firmware....it's a pain in the ass reconnecting the net from the router to the comp after going on the xbox every time.