Wireless Xbox Controller?

Anyone use one? I was considering getting the Logitech one. Are there other ones that are any good?

I heard it is one n malfunction.

Yeah if you try using it on your PS2 or Game Cube. But if you look at the reviews they say the performance is very good with that one. I already use wireless mice and keyboards from Logitech all over the house and they work well.

Oh, I thought you were talking about the Xbox one shown in the picture. That's the one that I had a few buddies complaining about to me.

Do tell.

I work at a game store and I know that the PS2 version of the logitech wireless controller had some issues with the directional pad breaking fairly easily.

i got the madcatz lynx one and it is awesome and costs alot less as well.

Yeah I thought I heard there was another cheaper yet still good option. Thanks.

Is that butt plug it comes with optional? Because I wouldn't use it so I would rather not have to pay extra for it.

Yeah it's optional. You just tell the guy at walmart to take it out of the box and sell it on his own seperately. They usually are pretty easygoing about it.

I've been using the logitech XBox wireless controller for some time now and haven't had one problem with it.

yeah that butt plug is actually a memory card sitting in the receive part that connects to xbox, so dont put in a memory card, and then no butt plug, kick ass controler though

The Eclipse ones work just fine and are a lot less. I got a pair for less than $40 used on Ebay.

They look gay.

Are cords really causing you that much trouble?

i heard the next xbox will come standard with wirless controllers,

"Are cords really causing you that much trouble? "

Yeah I have a big TV to Xbox on, so it makes sense to play on the couch, I have an extender so P2 can play without pulling the couch closer and it makes the living room look crappy having all the cords strung all over. Plus if I get two wireless ones I'll have all four controllers for the Xbox wich comes in handy.