wisdom teeth

i just had my 3 wisdom teeth taken out. Should I train tomorrow morning if I feel fine. Thanks.

All depends on your ability to handle pain. I had mine out early morning and with a little Advil, was on the mat that night.

Impacted wisdom teeth? If so, you guys are tough. I was in bed for two days after having 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed.

See how you feel.

You'll probably be in some pain. How much is pretty subjective, and like Gotha said, how tough they were to get out.

I went out the night I had two wisdom teeth out with a local anaesthetic, but I didn't enjoy it a whole lot.

The second two I had out with intravenous sedation (ahhhh....) I just chilled at home after. Only a fool puts up with pain he could easily avoid and for no good reason.

If you decide to train and take pain killers, just go easy as they may affect your pain tolerance - tap out early to avoid injuries you may not feel because of the drugs.

I DO have to say that when they healed I felt LOTS better. Very glad to see that back of them.

My wisdom teeth came in and I didn't know it. No pain. I still have them. Went to my dentist for my regular cleaning exam visit and he told me they had come in and asked me if I had any pain. I said I didn't even know it. Since they weren't squeezing any other teeth, he left them in. That was good, no pain and saved money to boot.

I was training after 3 hours that I pulled them out(2 teeth)