wish a Happy Birthday 2 NY Badass

Hope you have a great day Mr Baroni !

Happy B-Day Badass!

Philip George Baroni (born April 16, 1976) is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who most recently headlined The sold out Antonio Inoki Birthday event at the World famous Tokyo Dome in Japan. Before crossing over fulltime to pro wrestling Phil competed in Bellator's Welterweight division. A professional competitor since 2000, Baroni has also formerly competed for UFC PRIDE, Strikeforce, Cage Rage, DREAM, EliteXC, ONE FC, PFC, and Titan FC.

Happy birthday to the best eva!
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QY6PPPL4dl8 Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday NYBA!!!! Phone Post 3.0

have a great bday nyba! Phone Post 3.0


Happy Bday NYBA

Happy Birthday to the best eva. Phone Post 3.0


Happy Birthday NYCBA!

You're still a bad-ass...

Happy Belated Phone Post 3.0

everyone ?

Happy bday bud.

I hope you rethink your future and retire. No reason for a warrior like you to keep abusing that sexy body. Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday dude.

Don't let the recent shit you got into over Twitter with Joe Shilling get you down.

You're obviously not a coward, in fact you are the definition of what heart is.

Your fights with Lindland were epic and I wish I had the kind of heart it takes to keep battling like that when things look bleak.

I do hope you retire though. Find something else to do that doesn't involve getting you getting hit. Your body can heal, but your brain can only take so much punishment. Find a job coaching, get a regular 9-5, etc.