wish he was still alive (gif)



Not the best double I've seen, but it worked none the less! =)



See, I told you the guard wouldn't work on Bruce!!

so ahead of his time mentally and such a great inspiration for millions

Bruce is the man

I like how the tall dude pretty much swings at air during the double leg.

He didn't swing at the air. Bruce ducked. Bruce was so damn fast, he was already going for the double leg before that dude's brain could tell his arm to punch.

lol, Bruce Lee is the man

Bruce rules.


Bruce Lee was the coolest mofo ever to walk the Earth.

Bruce rocked the world.

P is right next to O on your keyboard.

"No disrespect, but the last camera shot looks like Fred Ettish."

Nah, I'm way better looking, still a baritone, and have fathered children. Couldn't have been me.


I always thought that "pwned" was ":p" + "owned", i.e. a sticking out your tongue smiley plus "owned"...sort of a uber-owned, or a owned-plus.

LOL at Fred!

Smart move, not being Bob Wall's "stunt groin".

Well, if it had been me, it would have been an honor to have had my nuts turned into pudding by Bruce Lee.

Seriously, though, despite what many say about him on the UG, I wish he would have lived on and enjoyed a full lifetime. I think over time, it would have been proven that he was a very progressive thinker who was far ahead of his time. If people took the time to research what he said and did, they may find that at his young age and during the time in which he lived, his theories on fighting and conditioning were very advanced. He was more than just a movie star who did martial arts.

Just MHO.



Couldn't agree more Fred =)