wish me luck...

a year later....I'm finally going to try to finish up my ribcage.

I remember talking to a tattoo artist and the subject of big pieces came up... and he said he hated doing them because it would always take forever to finish - the person would eventually disappear for months....

ha...guess he was right!!!

Ribs are tough to do. I dont like doing them because it is rare that the client stays still through the tat.

hahaha....I have checked back so many times to see if yours was finally finished...you baby :) I finally got mine done and am SOOOOO happy it's over.

Remarkably, my tattoo fetish has been satisfied...........for now.......

Good luck and we'll be thinking of you!

I actually have an appointment in April to get my ribcage done, Ill post pics soon!

hi Angelo,
I posted a small pic of the 1.5 hours it took to do some colouring finally...I'll post another on the same thread when it's healed.

I have another appointment next week for the true ribcage area....ugh. My tattoo artist is not easy handed.

Alpha...I saw the on pic...it looks like it's coming along really nice! Good
for you. I don't think there is anyway to be "easyhanded" in some of those
spots. The two worst for me were right on curve of the ribcage where it
feels like it just is skin on top of rib and the need is just slicing through it.

And second what right in the 'pit' right below your rib cage and just above

the hip.

I'll tell you what though, the respect you get from people in
the tattoo world after it's completed is priceless :) You must be one
badass girl (I guess your screen name says it all).

LOL @ RF...Reminds me of a story my tattoo artist and friend, Jime told
me. He had this guy come in who had a couple of random tattoos and
said he wanted a throat piece. Jime warned him and said it's a pretty
gnarly place to get one. The guy was all tough and wanted this skull or
something with all this script around it. So, Jime goes ahead with the
design and stencil and puts it on the guy. Jime starts that piece, and as
soon as he puts the first line down the guy jumps up and says "Fuck, that!

I'm done." Jime said said the guy left w/ a 2-3 inch line on his neck and
that's it, lol.

Photobucket some work on my ribs ,

rondon, your tat(s) rocks! Is there a full back pic to show?

front , side &back ill find pic out & post

thanks alpha these pic are pretty shity quality but here yu go, my tat looks a lot difrent for real these pic realy dont do my artiste any justice at all Photobucket