Wish the major fight promotions...

I know that there would be a ton of logistics involved in this so I know it is not as simple as just doing it, but I wish the major fight promotions would consider finding a way to automatically display X number of "Thank You's" next to the winners of each match in a graphic during the post-fight interviews. The trade-off would be that fighters not do an Oscar's speech when they are supposed to be "describing the replay"

It would give the fighters more ability to go out and get sponsorship $'s (which would help them and lessen the burden a little on the promotion's fight purses) and it would cut down on the horribly uncomfortable interviews where the fighter is racing to try to get through all their sponsors and the interviewer is trying to yank the microphone away.

Like I said, there would be logistical considerations about what types of companies the fighters could display and a bunch of other stuff, but it seems like it would make the production run more smoothly and offer a good revenue oppty. for the fighters.