Wishes for 2008

My 2008 Wish List:

  • Seeing the Diaz brothers get stomped in one-sided beatings. God I despise them...

  • Ditto Tim Sylvia getting stomped

  • Randy vs. Fedor

  • Dana White and Frank Shamrock bury the hatchet so we can see Shamrock/Franklin or Shamrock/A. Silva (I know it'll never happen, just let me dream...)

  • GSP / Serra 2

  • Hughes / Serra 1 (particularly if GSP beats Serra in GSP / Serra 2)

  • Penn/Sherk or Penn/Florian after BJ destroys Joe Stevenson.

  • Ben Rothwell in the UFC -- whatever it takes! Unlikely, I know...

  • KIMBO!

That my family, friends and I can stay healthy and enjoy this year as much as possible.

who cares about stuff like that? what fights do you want to see?

2008 MMA Wish List

CroCop to 205

Lindland back in the UFC

Hughes loses to Serra and Penn then retires

Nog takes UFC HW Championship

Randy proves Fedor is not #1

Frank Shamrock vs Robbie Lawler

Baroni vs Leben/McFedries

Return of the "Old School" Tito Ortiz

Diego Sanchez to 155

Sherk admits he took steroids

UFC brings back Tourneys


your thread was titled "Wishes for 2008" not "MMA Wishes for 2008"!

Good wish CityBoy, now tell about your mma wishes!!