Wishing E. Wineland speedy recover

Just want to say to Eddie Wineland (Duneland Vale Tudo) that I hope he has a speedy recovery. He fought Brandon Carlson last night and suffered a broken jaw. I know we all like to see knockouts and blood but when it comes to an injury such as this it stops being cool. Everybody expects to get injured at some time and it comes with competing in the  greatest sport on the planet.......MMA.

I have seen Eddie fight a couple of times and was really impressed with his abilities. That's why I picked him to fight. Brandon knew this was going to be a tough fight for him and when a couple of people told him his last couple of wins were from KO's I could see he was going to take this one serious especially in front of home town. They both came out wanting to knock each others head clean off. The fight never made it to the ground. They wanted to box. Eddie got a few in and Brandon was swinging from Mississippi and connected with Eddie's jaw about half way threw the first round.  I think he still wanted to continue but obviously unable to.

Anyway.... I hope Eddie is going to be all right very soon and get back in there because he is very talented and a very exciting fighter as well as there whole team.


Thanks, JP


Eddie is a very hard worker in the gym and he lays it all out in the ring everytime he steps in. I hope he has a speedy and complete recovery. I was tired anyway but hearing about Eddie's injury took all the post fight celebration out of me and the other Duneland guys in Chicago.

Get welll Eddie... You'll be back soon enough...

Keith Congrats on your win. All of your team always gets out there and does there all. Give me a call later on this week and let me know how he is doing.

Thanks, JP 651-248-9516

ttt for a fast recovery!

Wasn't Eddie supposed to fight Pitbull in Indiana soon? I was looking forward to that fight. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Keith - I will call you today

Wasn't Eddie supposed to fight Pitbull in Indiana soon?

Keith would be the one to answer this.

Yeah - I also need to talk to Keith to check his condition (heard he got a cut, and maybe a busted nose).

get well soon eddie this is jake