With Lewis gone, will Tyson....

take boxing seriously again?

The heavyweight division is up for grabs, and if Tyson ever wanted to become champ again, now would be his best chance.

Too bad he's probably too far gone to make a serious comeback, although it would be cool to see.

Tyson can beat anyone if he gets his mind right. The power's still there, and he's still feared, no matter what the boxers say in public. I'd like to see him get serious and make a goo of it. Is he still with Roach?

well I think Tyson could beat Byrd and maybe Sanders, and Rahman and possibly Tua and Ruiz. So he's not looking too bad against the current crop, except for the Klitchko brothers

"Why has no1 thought about putting on Tyson V Holy3!!??!?!?!"

Do we really need to see this?

Holy is actually more shot than Tyson at this point. I think Tyson would hurt him bad and I have no desire to see that fight.

If Roach would train Tyson I actually think Tyson could beat just about any HW out there except maybe the K brothers.

The heavyweight division is just a real sad case. Anyhoo, I thought Tyson signed with K-1 and was gonna fight Bob "No skill" Sapp in April/May?

btw, Tyson by KO if it happens.

I would pick Toney, RJJ, Tua, and Byrd over Tyson.
Tua by KO. But I would pick Tyson over a very over-
the-hill Holyfield.

john ruiz would be his smartest move on a way back to a belt. easy fight too.

you'd pick Tua over Tyson? How? Tua is just a shorter weaker version of Tyson, with fewer skills. Its embarrassing. All he has is the left hook

Tyson can beat an Oquendo or a Ruiz but I don't see him faring well against Byrd, Tua, either Klitchsko, or even McCline. Byrd is too slick, Tua too powerful with too much chin, and the Klitchskos and McCline are just too big and too strong. Tyson in his prime had a solid defense and was skillful enough to neutralize the height advantage but he is just too old now. He catches too many punches instead of slipping them.

Tyson could make more fighting any top 20 heavyweight than fighting Sapp in K-1. I think his agreement with K-1 is that they can use his name to promote possible fights that will never happen. Just by association, K-1 gets exposure.

Tyson vs Ruiz: Ruiz by DQ...If Tyson thought Botha was holding and proceeded to try to break his arm...what the hell do you think will happen against a guy like Ruiz

Tyson vs Either Klit: Both Klit's KO him...tyson way too small...probably would be similar to what happened vs Lewis...Tyson wouldn't be able to get close enough...

Tyson vs Tua: The difference is Tua's chin...Tyson will land more but lets face it he is an in your face fighter now...no more bob and weave...Tua will eventually connect and down goes Tyson

Tyson vs Byrd: Byrd stays away and either tyson gets dq'd or byrd wins an easy decision

Tyson vs Sanders: this is the one fight i think Tyson wins...I stil beleive Sanders got somewhat lucky vs Klit (although luck is disputable in this sport) and do think Tyson would KO him quickly...this would be a perfect fit for both guys...big pay days each...for very little work...

Guinn vs Tyson: I'm having a tough tim ewith this one, but i think it would be a great fight for a guy like Guinn...perfect intro to the next big thing...

BTW...I just read in the Toronto Star that Tyson had $5,333 in his bank as of Dec 31st...anyone else think he has $$$ stashed in offshore accounts?

"Tua will eventually connect and down goes Tyson "

I doubt it. If Tyson keeps his left up ala Rahman Tua is pretty much helpless

"If Tyson keeps his left up ala Rahman Tua is pretty much helpless"

you mean his right and tyson will do so in the beginning...but here sez there is 0% chance that he would keep it up throughout the fight...

i honestly thin k that tyson can take both klits if he truly wanted to. what kept tyson away from landing on lewis? Lewis world class jab. klitschko's may hit just as hard as lewis. but they cant keep tyson away from them like lewis did. neither one jabs like lewis does. if tyson goes nuts on them like he did with etienne... hed kill wladimir... hehas a weak chin. vitaly has a strong shin so i wont make any statements there.....

vlad has a good jab to keep away from tyson...his chin is really weak though ... so if tyson landed one solid one.. he would be gone. and from the way tyson was following up on his ounches with etienne... i say he would ko vlad in the 4-5 round area.

vitaly on the other hand doesnt box as good as vlad does. but he can take a hell of a shot. the guys got chin like hell. tyson can ko ANYONE. but vitaly canhold up better than anyone save tua. tyson would exert all his energy into ko'ing him and if it didnt happen in the first 4-5. than it wouldnt happen at all. an eventually vitaly's awkward style would confuse tyson. tyson would get ko'd if he didnt get vitaly out of there quickly. vitaly doesnt have the skills to keep tyson off him. his jab is knowhere near as good as lennox was.

byrd... byrd cant get hit by tyson plain an simple. hes to fast to to defensie to get hit. remember how buster mathis made tyson look like a grandma with easily he was missing his punches. now byrd is 10x's the defensive wizzard mathis is. if tyson hit him once though. hed be gone.

ruiz....would get murdered. fact.

oqunedo... perfect comeback match for tyson. good win with a name opponent and a for sure victory. i mean its a perfect fight. big name... off a impressive perfromance against byrd. ... and would literally get killed by tyson.

sanders...would get murdered.

guinn.....joe mesi... brewster and mclcine would be slaughtered aswelll. i would personally love to see tyson impressively ko these fakes.

Molson is right, Tyson can not follow through with a gameplan, he dosen't have the mental strength. Take a look at how angry and energetic he looked in the begining moments of most of the rounds of Lewis vs. Tyson. By the end of each round, all the head movement and ferocity was gone and he was just getting punched. He looked like a totally different fighter.

It's like he has no problem psyching himself up between rounds and when he comes out at the bell he's on fire, and is doing everything right, but it's such an easy fire to extinguish. To be effective in boxing you need to have some mental toughness. It takes just as much grit as it does physical stamina. Tyson does not have this grit, his easily gets depressed and losses all confidence in himself once he starts receiving punishment.

"Tyson does not have this grit, his easily gets depressed and losses all confidence in himself once he starts receiving punishment"

so so true...its impossible to name a fight that tyson had to come from behind in after taking some serious shots...and i won't use botha as an answer cuz pitter patting is not punishment...

yeah, I meant his right. But Rahman could do it and one look at his gut tells you he's not the most disciplined guy out there. Not to mention he knocked Tua down, so so much for Tua's chin being impervious

Rahman is better at keeping a game plan then Tyson as is witnessed by his fight against....well...Tua :)

"so much for Tua's chin being impervious"

That was evidently fatigue....

Jason, without a doubt, Tua's career has been a
disappointment. After his fight with Ibeabuchi, I was
convinced that he would be champ someday. That said,
he is bigger, younger, more powerful, and has a better
chin than Tyson has. I see a very short fight, ending
in a KO for Tua. I'm hardly alone in this opinion. I
just think that style-wise, it is a bad match-up for