With Lyoto being hurt...............

doesn't this open a lot of interesting matchups to see who is next in line for the belt.

I'm no matchmaker but these are some fights I would like to see.

The winner of Vera/Couture vs winner of Evans/Silva for next title shot.

If Couture wins a fight vs Evans or Silva are good fights especialy against Rashad.

Same with Vera a fight against either Evans or Silva are great fights and whom ever comes out of this victorious gets Machida.

The losers of these fights can also create some interesting matchupsRandy loses why let him fight Tito and/or Mark Coleman for his last hurrah.

Vera vs Ortiz or Griffin.

Would like to see the loser of Evans/Silva fight winner of Nog/Cane.

Sucks that Machida's hurt but at the same time may be good for the division and can create some good matchups and see who is going to make serious runs at the title or not.

If Randy wins tonight, he gets the next title shot.

He is always one win away from the title.

These matchups could see answer a few questions also.

Has Randy still got it? Can make another run at the title?

Is Brandon Vera really good or not?

Can Rashad bounce back?

Is Tito back? Can Nog/Cane be big factors in division?

What about Shogun? He is still the number 1 contender in my book!

I agree, Randy will get the next shot after Shogun if he wins tonight.

NVHighRoller - What about Shogun? He is still the number 1 contender in my book!

Your right somehow totally forgot about Shogun. Agree he should have option to fight again or wait for Lyoto.

Throwing Shogun against any named above would be good fights.

Above posts may be right about Randy getting title shot if he wins. This is what bothers me I know Randy is a big draw and wants Machida before he retires but there is no way he deserves it.

Should definately have to fight winner of Rashad/Silva before fighting Machida. Or how about Shogun vs Couture if he wins?