Without Spoilers was the GP good?

can you guys let me know was it worth ordering?(I'll prolly order anyway) but was it a very good show? and plz no spoilers.

Stay off the forum if you dont want spoilers. I can pretty much guarantee that someone will ruin it for you. Just stay off and you wont have to worry about it, otherwise you're prolly gonna end up knowing.

when/where is it on PPV?

I dont think it was that good. A few of the fights were...but the majority of them, the fighters had too much to lose so they were very tentative. It was like Dancing With the Stars all night.

Not too much fighting, but a whole lot of dancing.

The final was amazing and a couple of fights were decent. But overall did not live up to the cards potential

The 185 tournament final was actually pretty damn entertaining but the rest of the card was okay.

Nope...hardly worth the download...IMO

Not that great. Great match ups but a slow night. 6.5/10