Witnessed a kid on a motorcycle die in front of my showroom at work

In my motorcycle safety class they gave us fluorescent stickers to put on our helmets that said “In case of accident Do Not Remove.” Only first responders were supposed to.


In the small town I grew up in, around two weeks after getting my license we were at a new intersection just outside of town. A car and transport truck started out on the green light and out of nowhere came a motorbike just flying.

T-boned the car and then launched, cutting himself in half on the box of the big rig.
His upper half was a couple hundred meters away at a car dealership where it bounced off of cars in the lot.

We got a call later as witnesses and the cop laughingly asked if anyone gave the rider first aid? It has to go in his report he said.

Bought my first street bike a couple weeks later.


I asked a similar question during my CPR class. The dudes said that you can tell if they are breathing and if they have a heart beat. If they don’t then that means they are dead already so moving them won’t make it worse. So they suggested do the CPR in those cases because it won’t harm them anymore and the CPR might bring them back.

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I am not going to let someone escape a life of being a brain dead quadriplegic, I want the satisfaction of trying to save someone.
Know it is wrong but in my mind just like a deer hit by a car, sometimes the best thing is to let someone go. Things like broken necks, when you know the person only has a few minutes at best. Comfort the person as best you can and remove others from having to experience the situation.

In Ecuador years ago a bus hit a guy going through Pifo, he went flying and his shoes popped off of course. Anyways, we got out of trucks and checked. He was dead and his skull was open.
Still remember a local putting his shoe under his head to collect things, like that was helpful.
Crazy World, stay safe folks. Take some first aid courses, be the person with the skills to step up and save the neighbors kid.


Riding a motorcycle is like saying fuck you to 100 years of development in automotive safety, I’m just gonna risk it all at a time where there’s more distractions and people on the road than ever before. It sucks, but I don’t really feel sorry for them anymore than I’d feel sorry for a gay dude who caught aids fucking guys raw from the club. You knew the risk and went for it because it felt good for you, ah well. You feel comfortable riding a motorcycle with 16 year olds who just got their license and can’t stop checking their social media every 10 secs? Cool, you do you.


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Wow you sound like a fun guy to hang out with ….

Just kidding. You make some good points bruh. More distracted drivers now than ever. And it’s not just teenagers. Everyone is looking at their phones

I have never seen a fatal car wreck but I have seen a half dozen fatal motorcycle wrecks. It is why I dont have a rice rocket.


I am doing rice rockets now. After 34 years of riding and finishing my riding on super sports. In developing countries there is not many rice rockets. Not sure what or if I will ride after a season or two on RRs.

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Could you imagine the dedication to comedy one would have to have to perform cpr on half a man?

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Meh, I’m reminded of a pretty big accident in my area where a woman stopped her car for some passing ducks on the highway. I guess she didn’t put on her 4 ways or pull off. Some guy on his bike with his daughter slammed into her from behind killing them both. Was it worth it risking his daughters life for whatever thrill biking provides? These are real risks people need to be aware of and I think very selfish calculations come into play. There are just so many things you can’t predict happening at those speeds. I saw a vid recently, the biker didn’t do anything wrong just someone pulling out that didn’t see a bike oncoming which is less visible than a car and the bike slammed into his hood killing him. In a car with modern safety these probably would be minor injuries if anything.


I have maybe taken a women on the back of my bike 6 times (big cruiser) in my 34 years of riding. Never another man or a child. I would purposefully always get solo seats so I couldn’t take passengers.
Totally am supportive of people learning to ride though. Besides sitting on the back of my kids electric dirt bikes while they learn, people imo should ride solo.

In poor countries this 4-6 people on a scooter craziness always amazed me. Mind you most those countries are not driving on freeways.

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Just saw this, sorry for being slow.

In general the less cervical manipulation the better. But airway comes first.
We experimented with bolt cutters for the cage but determined that we could just remove the helmet, carefully, in a more controlled way.

They have made helmets different now, because of this. Beyond a “trainers tool” that many of us started carrying over 20 years ago, modern helmet cages gan generally be moved out of the way by cutting one or two plastic loops. Trauma shears or a Leatherman will do the job.

Without airway, you have nothing. You have, at best, 8 minutes to fix it.

The big BUT in the conversation is spinal mgt.

Airway over spinal, but don’t sacrifice spinal.

We have “tricks” to manage c-spine while removing a helmet, but it comes with obvious risk.

Also think about a big padded up football player. Take off his helmet and lay him on his back, what happens to his neck head?


Not breathing equals CPR. You don’t even need to go mouth to mouth.
Just get on the chest and pump.

If he doesn’t need it, he’ll ask you to stop. If hes obviously already dead, eewwww.
If he doesn’t ask you to stop, and youve already called 911, get on the chest and keep pumping for as long as you can (honestly, 15min unless a cold exposure) or until someone in a uniform asks you to stop.

Thats as simple as we’ve made it for the layperson these days.
Still alot to ask and I don’t fault people for locking up a little in the moment.

OP-Kid likely never had a chance.
Dont let this mess with you.
No shame setting up an appt to talk about it if you are still thinking too much about it next week. You didn’t get out of bed in the morning agreeing to deal with death. Even pros need to talk sometimes.


Thanks for the input


You’re welcome

He spun the car. Dead before he hit the asphalt. RIP

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I see this at least once a month. Damn trimotor drivers just don’t give a shit about anyone on the road and the people here just drive terrible as well.
One would think at night that one can drive faster due to less traffic right? Well yes and no. Poor road conditions, lack of street lights, wandering animals on the road, vehicles without working night lights (or lights) and construction zones with NO lights, signs or reflectors make it a gamble.
So I came home late one night, a large construction truck parked in the middle of the fucking highway, in th dark, with just plastic poles and non reflective streamers around it… was struck by a motorcycle from behind. By the looks of it he was driving fast enough to leave a crumpled motorcycle underneath the truck and was bent and broken at absurd angles. I could tell the guy was dead.
Just one of many stores.