Wiuff - Brink May 1st - and more!!

Wow - check out this vid from the last UCS events!

http://www. sunburst.tv

And that was just the first show folks.  May 1st we are back bigger, better and badder.

Main Event Travis Wiuff vs UFC vet Aaron Brink - Are you kidding me?  If UFC doesn't sign the winner of this fight then their match maker needs to be the one taking the drug tests.

Also on the show
Kelly Kobold will be taking on South Dakota Killer Holly Thomas

Jed and Justin Deno will both be facing big step ups in competition.

UCS light Weight Champion will take on Machine Gun Dave Nagasek who won his first fight in 30 seconds with about 75 punches.

For more check out the web page - click here

Our first shows in Rochester was one of the best times I have ever had at a show.  The crowd was rockin, the beer was flowing and the fights were awesome. Battle at the Barn II will be even better.



Brink by DP/PP. Oh wait, this is the UG.



Email me with tix info mike!

Beck - I'll get you discounted tickets at the ICC show Friday




Should be a great fight, seems like the level of these shows are rising.

Who is this "South Dakota Killer" Holly Thomas?


She was suppose to fight Shayna - but Shanya backed out against her. I hear she is tough - but don't know much else. Of course Shayna is 9-0 and that is the fight Kelly really wanted - but she turned tail on both Holly and Kelly. So Holly and Kelly will fight.

So she is not from South Dakota then?

This kind of surprises me, since she was saying she wanted to fight a trained girl and everything. To bad she does not want to fight Kelly. But then I would also guess that she has not been going to that other gym in Sioux Falls. Who is Holly training with? Maybe that would be a better opponent for Kelly anyway.

Did you go to Omaha's show in the twin cities? How was it?

Good luck on the show. Seems like a great main event.

Hello Mr. Reilly

Could I please Fight the winner of this match? or if you need someone to step in and Fight Kelly I will take the Fight! I know you have said no to my manager many times about me Fighting Kelly but I think the fans of the ICC would have a good time watching the both of us.

Please do not take this post as disrespectful in any way because it's not meant to be that way.

Good luck to you and Kelly.

Please contact my manager John Petrilli jpet1234@aol.com


Send me an e-mail Lars directly I will talk to you more about the TC show and what is going on.
GG - I talked to JPET. I think this fight will surely happen at some point - but not in ICC - at least not right now - E-mail me directly at mikereilly@yahoo.com and we can talk more about specific reasons why - that I'm sure will make sense