Wiuff Vs Fields

anybody have the results from last night?

Ron Tapped to elbow strikes in the secound round!! Ron is a very tough guy and I want to thank him and his crew for coming up to Minnesota!!

Good job, Travis!

Good jod Travis!

Thanks Guys...

good job dieseL, I was there to packed , sold out show, very will run and 8 good fights, also good luck to a great fighter ron fields'

Congrat's Travis!

Where was the fight?

Who else was on the card?

Happy new year.

Mark Lowry

great job travis, you showed the old dog how it should be done.

Thanks Pops!! Murph, I was proud of you man...thought you did great!! Hey Mark, Mostly guys from Iowa and Ohio...happy new year to u you as well!!

Good work Travis. Always happy to see you get a win.

Keep it up.


congrats Travis!
damn why do i always hear about these shows too late?

what show was this and where? when is the next one, whoever runs this show should not forget about us here on the UG, come post and tell us about upcoming events, I'm sure a lot of us would show!


here's what i have for results...

1- Jake Burriola (Des Moines, IA) defeated Christian Nielson (Phoenix, AZ) via RNC in R1.

2- Dan Gray defeated Josh Pankey (Cedar Falls, IA) at :53 in R1 via TKO.

3- Dan Mauseth (Rochester, MN) defeated Billy Blish (Des Moines, IA) at the beginning of R2 (tap to strikes or exhaustion, i can't remember).

4- Joe Windersbelt (Waterloo, IA) defeated Keith Jeters at :31 in R1 via ref stoppage (cut). (Jeters was a last minute replacement for Eric Adams.)

5- Ewanda "Token" Bell defeated Jason Murphy (Rochester, MN) via majority decision.

6- Travis Fulton (Waterloo, IA) defeated Manuel Quiroz (IA) at :40 in R1 via KO.

7- Tom Speer (Rochester, MN) defeated Rob Marcks after R1. (Marcks couldn't continue due to exhaustion.)

8- Travis Wiuff (Rochester, MN) defeated Ron Fields (IA) in R2 due to submission (elbows).

heelhookerMMAA, i believe it was mentioned briefly, but haters were trashing the show so badly nobody wanted to bring it up, i was at the previous show and it was quite good

btw, i would not be suprised if this thread to turn to bashing too

i'd like to hear some other results, did travis fulton fight as well?

oops, posted on the same minute, thanks for the results

congrats Travis!

jmurphy, congrats on having your first fight, be proud you went to a decision with such an experienced fighter!

good to see you on here Mr. Roberto!

littleboy thanks. it was great exprience for me. had a great time and will do it again. got alot to work on but having Wiuff to teach is beyond words. taking a powerlifter and trying to turn him into a fighter thats a chore. Happy New year and be safe.

congradulations travis!

Thanks Mario...I need your help for my upcoming fights!! Murph did great and will get even better if he stops deadlifting 600 lbs and runs a little more!!