WKF Sport JJ & Grappling Tourney

Shah Franco grapplers Marco Costa, Pinky Loginow,
Jesse Richardson, Aaron (last name?), and Dave 'Hammer'
all received medals at this afternoons gi-grappling
tourney at Waterdown High School. Five grapplers come
home with six medals.

Marco 'lixo' was first in his division (advanced) under
160lbs I think;

John 'Pinky' Loginow was first in his division
(advanced) under 165lbs (not exactly sure of the
weight divisions, but I think pinky was under 165);

Jesse Richardson was first in his division (not
sure of his division);

Aaron 'the white belt that has skills of a blue'
was first in his division;

Dave 'Hammer' received a third and fourth in his
division (pinky told me his division was combined
with another).

Congrats to all my Franco / Behring teammates. See
you all soon.


Great work boys! My Team, My Family! Training in Ajax tomorrow at noon.

cool tourney!!!

congrats to the shah's dudes, they were all very impressive!!!!!

props to the joslins guys too!

jack 1st in his division, evan 1st in his division, erol 2nd in his division, jay 2nd in his division, and big rob had a great debut!

there were some great fights...funny points system and the 1-2-3 break rule was weird

mike hong and pinky was a great fight as was jordan and jesse richardson!

good job everyone TTT
and wayne the name is DALE!!
see u next week bro


Awesome work guys! Wish I didn't have to go to a bullshit first aid course this weekend. See you at the club! -Brad

Sorry Aaron Dale..hey, my brother went to that high
school in Mississauga back in the '80's.... ;)

Congrats again.

good tournament, thanks to Darly Lafrance (spelling) for ref. and helping me get a chance to fight.

sounds like it was aiiiiight!

way to go boys.

Yeah Joslins!

What was the turn out like?

And what divisions did you guys all compete it?