WM XX predictions.

This is more of a wishlist than predictions:

Eddie defends his title at WM. It doesn't matter if he wins or loses at WM only that he makes it there as champ. I'm a bit nervous he'll lose the title a few days before the PPV.

Goldberg jobs clean to Brock. I don't like Goldberg. Come on Bill, lose one match clean.

Undertaker comes back as the Deadman and stays undefeated at Wrestlemania.

HBK gets booted from the World Title triple threat match. HHH and Benoit go one on one and HHH taps to the Crossface.

Cactus Jack slaughters Orton.

Stephanie announces her entrance into hardcore pornography.

Yeah, the title should have read, WM XX wishlist.

Eddie loses to Kurt..will be awesome match

Brock wins

HBK super kicks Benoit, HHH steals the win with the pin on Benoit

Orton wins

It will be a great show no matter what, I agree and think they will do it up right.

HHH win retain the title.
foley will do his job yet again.
kurt will be over eddie.
brock will win goldberg via undertaker interence.

opie cunningham

HHH will be eliminated and Benoit taps HBK.

Please God let the last one on Steve's list of predictions come

I think Brock may beat Goldberg via a stunner from Stone Cold. Stone Cold did act like Bill may have one in his future when Bill speared him. That way Bill would lose and it wouldn't have to be a clean pin, IMO.

Benoit wins... Flair turns on HHH and reforms the Horsemen