Woke NYT & MSNBC: American Flags Are Distrubing

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. Apparently no one on the left is intellectually curious enough to look into who Francis Scott Key was. He’s definitely going to be ripe for “cancellation” when they figure it out.

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American black people really can’t be this stupid… really?


It’s usually white people claiming they represent the oppressed (to usher in communism)

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It is just a Nytron alt.

Oh it will happen. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if these nuts start screaming to cancel the US flag as well.

Sadly almost nothing would surprise me at this point as the left has gone entirely insane.

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Now that I know racist pussies like that are repulsed by it, Ill be sure to get a bigger flag now

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I’m going to get it tattooed on my stomach so they can stare at it while they suck my willy.

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That’s perfect and a example of the left hahaha

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Uneducated animals

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My neighbor. A nice guy but look at his a an idiot now. Told my wife and I when we walked by their house , that at the end of he street it’s racists because they fly their American flags all the time. It’s a racist thing

Fucking looney