Woke professor argues with student over cops being heroes (Vid)

Glad to hear college is putting her on ice and looking into it. A step in the right direction for academia.

Disappointed in the low brow Fox segment that really just wanted to sensationalize (not that this type of dynamic is isolated to Fox).

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It’s often brought up, but its still just as spot on in regards to the quality of humans that are going to be drawn to careers in law enforcement on the future. It’s just going to get worse and worse at this rate.

How would it have resulted in an F?

And did you meet up with her and hate fuck her butthole in true OG fashion?

This is why I love this place. See, I would have thought the stupid shit she was saying was the dumbest shit in this thread but then here you come to prove me wrong!! Just magnificent!


Not much to it really. I told her I wasn’t interested beyond seeing if we’d match because I know her to be a cunt. She promptly deleted :joy:

My disability is high social anxiety, etc. blah blah. She wanted her class to take phone calls and conduct a poll, I asked if I could do an alternate and comparable task to help in conducting the poll outside of cold calling people. She asked why, I told her due to some disabilities picked up during my time in the army that wouldn’t work for me, then she told me she wouldn’t even recognize it since it’s a military disability.

Oh, as for the OG fashion, no, I let the site down big time. She wasn’t overly hot, just the typical butterface from PA. She was married when I was in her class, clearly there’s a reason that didn’t work out, I figured she was a bad lay or was a whore, no win situation there


no she wouldn’t

she would ask the criminal if she could speak with their manager

she knows how to get things done

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She will 100% call the cops. Hate em till you need em

That’s how we picture you.

The student handle her hyperbolic language and statements with class. Fuck her!


Check to see if your school has an office for students with disabilities. Every school I have attended or worked at has them.

Requests for accommodations for disabilities usually go through them.

So it’s possible we can be friends, or not friends but also something in between?

This is what @MPA relates to and why she’s defending her

I notice the same thing and it has to do with something going on now. I mean, my friends growing up all had different views and with every single one of them, there was always one big topic we would disagree on. Sometimes the conversations got heated but they never erupted in the end of a friendship or one person calling the other a bigot or racist lol… this is a new phenomenon and it’s very weird and unhealthy

I can’t imagine being a younger person today. Do they all just hang out with people that think exactly like them? Where’s the fun in that?

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