Woke School Ignored Rape of Daughter By Transexual

Loudoun County father who was dragged out of woke school board meeting and arrested was trying to tell other parents his daughter was raped by a boy ‘in a skirt’ in the girls’ bathroom and that staff ignored it

  • Scott Smith, a 48-year-old plumber from Virginia, was arrested on June 22
  • He had been protesting at a Loudoun County School Board meeting
  • Smith was dragged out of the room before he could share his point - he says his daughter was sexually assaulted on May 28 by a boy in the girls’ bathroom
  • He wanted to use what happened to her to illustrate why he thinks kids shouldn’t be able to pick which gender bathrooms they use
  • But he was dragged out before he could and has since been vilified for his views
  • The incident happened at Stone Bridge High School on May 28
  • He tells The Daily Wire that the boy ‘sometimes wears a skirt’ and had started using the female bathroom
  • The school told Smith his daughter had been assaulted but didn’t call police
  • In the end he did, and the boy was charged with multiple counts of sodomy two months after the incident - after the school board meeting
  • On June 22, Loudoun County school staff said they’d never had a report of of a sexual assault in a trans bathroom
  • Smith says they were lying, and that he 'exploded with rage’



FBI: Keep an eye on these domestic terrorist parents at the next board meeting!


Enough of us normal folks catering to the meantly ill.


Virginia going to Virginia.


" On June 22, Loudoun County school staff said they’d never had a report of of a sexual assault in a trans bathroom"

The investigation determined the assault happened in an empty classroom.

Is that what they are arguing over?


Watching Benny’s report of it. MY blood is boiling now. Disgusting.


Virginia’s state government is not serving the people, and hasnt pretended to for a long time.



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How did Virginia become a major player in the woke Olympics the past few years?
It doesn’t seem like the type of place that it would take such strong roots.

The exploding federal government. All those loyal bureaucrats aren’t going to live in MD or DC proper!


We are screwed…the left has won


I would support this man making the next meeting look like an average Chicago weekend. If they are gonna label him a terrorist, might as well be one.


The liberals that work in DC are moving out of the city and living in NoVA. Unfortunately they now have a greater population up there than the rest of VA.


That and most people who don’t own homes in SE VA, are military and don’t claim the state for residency.

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Yep this also. Lots of military folks who are residents of other states.

I need to gtfo of this state in the next few years.


So it happened in a classroom or bathroom?

They are doing the same “students should be able to pick whoever bathroom they want to use” thing at my cousins school … it’s in a blue area but folks are very pissed

I’m sure pumpkin spice bitchtits will be in here any minute to tell us these board members who covered up the rape are lovely volunteers doing the lord’s work.


He still on another internet thread talk shit and dropping e-challenges on the Amish. He said he won’t fight any Mennonite Posers!

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Because rich DC people live there

I’ll show you disorderly conduct