Woke SJW CRINGE Compilation | Virtue Signaling Gone Hilariously Wrong PART 17




Those people are indoctrinated whackos

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Love zeducation never miss a vid


Who’s the far right? A small number of racists? I think everyone can agree that racist are bad but this shit I’m seeing from young people on tic tok and on college campus is something else. Fuck these pussies on the left in their idiotic faces!


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Literally anybody who is not overtly leftist is considered far right.

When have you ever hard leftists discuss people who disagree with them as centrists? If you don’t think that a man in a wig is a woman, you are literally a far right nazi white supremacist.

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I was ready to make fun of the video, but holy fuck that’s a WHOLE lot of nonsense out there…

According to the far right is anyone slightly left of center, formerly known as the left.

I was able to watch that guy for about 5 seconds.

Punch libtards.

I would like to see the same vids from ‘far right’ folks as well … what do they rant about and look like though? Are they on tik tok?