Woke straight people using “partner” wtf

Since when? It wasn’t the typical term even 15 years ago, unless it was a homosexual couple.

What about older couples where the husband calls the wife “mom”. Because they’re used to telling kids “mom wants you to do this” “mom said this” and you don’t want kids to call mom by real name. But then they’re older and mom becomes the name w each other. I always found it odd but I get it

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It’s been in common use for over a decade….maybe you were still of an age where gf/bf we’re okay to use without sounding silly or didn’t have a lot of divorced friends yet.

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I’m 42 and I agree, once you hit a certain age the terms boyfriend and girlfriend start to sound a little silly. I introduce the current girl I am dating to people by her name when in person. When talking about her when she’s not present I refer to her by her name and as the woman I’m dating (I suppose I would be okay with calling her my significant other, though I haven’t done that yet). One thing I’m sure as hell never going to do though is refer to her as my “partner”.


I know what you mean. It’s usually done in a non - serious and almost silly way though, at least from the family members of mine I’ve seen do it and other people.

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I say wife every time I speak about her ^^^
Cops park on train tracks, places woman inside car, guess what happens next?

Especially cause I spend most my time these days in a thread with FAG in the damn title!! Not to mention the degenerates in there:

Just to mention a few!


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Boyfriend and girfriend is OK until you reach puberty. Partner is the common term for anyone in Europe and Asia for someone you are in a relationship with but not married to. Once married many either just call their other half husband, wife or a nickname, I used to jokingly call my wife the enemy as she’d always try to put the dampers on my crazy ideas.

As for those thinking partner is for faggots. A faggot is a wood instrument like a bassoon.

There’s a lot of sensitive individuals getting offended over a word, maybe we should have a thread titled " Pussies get butt hurt by words."

I usually call my wife my “roommate” when I introduce her.


You of all people calling others sensitive or easily offended because of a personal opinion is hilarious. Then again, leftards like you don’t even pretend anymore that your hypocrisy and duplicitous lives are negative attributes.

I’m just slightly to the right of Attila the Hun when it comes to politics.

Really? You should change your password then, because somebody has been posting insane leftist nonsense with your account the past couple of years.


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He must have a time machine then as I’ve not been on here a couple of years.


The vaccine is finally getting to you.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

I don’t care what you call your husband or wife, as long as I don’t have to hear your stupid stories.

I joined on the 4th of December 2021. I think you need to get vaccinated.

Maybe he means your other accounts

Im not your dude, guy.

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Is it ok if I say Im going steady with @Cuttin_In?