Woke Up This Morning...

When i got up this morning I couldn't remember shit! I had no idea why i was supposed to get up and I couldn't remember what I did yesterday at all. It cleared after a couple of minutes but it was such a strange feeling.

Gadzooks! While drinking my coffee and reading the news I found this:

Was I kidnapped and experimented on by the Government?

Maybe you blacked out in class from that 285lb Sasquatch that was lying on you.  That would explain the sore sphincter.

That is a big dude! I am going to have to start power lifting if he is going to keep being my partner! It got worse for me after you left. Kicked in the balls, stabbed in the nose and flung about 15 feet in the air!

i hope you choked his face?

FCTV808 - 

i hope you choked his face?

Lol....i did last week, this week just drills.

lol, chokes aren't finicky...choke face, choke eyes, choke cheek bone, choke teeth, choke-crank, and even choke neck for kicks!

My condolences to June Carter fnunderful's anal cherry Phone Post 3.0

it isn't a cherry! hemorrhoids hurt and are nothing to joke about!

You need a nice soothing wang bone.

How does Moke always know what to say???

Wang Bone Phone Post 3.0


will never look at it the same.

As if Moke didn't already know about the WB symbol....I found this on the webispher...

Moke! How could you? Phone Post 3.0

Flying fast a low, dropping wang bone torpedoes on everyone!

I've got some ideas for an "in" gif for you and that picture....shit eating grin will be involved!

Phone Post 3.0

Moke - Flying fast a low, dropping wang bone torpedoes on everyone!
Lmao Phone Post 3.0

Why the hell did my name just go black? Lol I didnt wanna go back!

Paid up threw April?!?!

Point Shaving Scandal!!!! Phone Post 3.0