In the direst of times, people seek out stability.

Many recall the power of the wolf shirt.

Some have forgotten.


When was the last time in your life that you can HONESTLY say you were "keeping it WOLF"!?



I need one of those.

Wolf tickets

Cut off Jean shorts all the way to the upper thigh for maneuverability 

I have a wolf shirt with a bald eagle flying in front of the moon. I feel very powerful whe. I wear it.

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It's suggestive to women because of howling during sex. 

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theBEAToff - 

Fucking loved that shit! Yo Wolf face, your ass is mine!

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The direst of times require the direst of wolves




Is there a difference between the $6 version and the $30 one? I don't see any more wolves


The goal of the three wolf moon shirt is to transcend the physicality of the shirt, and the money you invested in it. Let your sweat and natural musk become the conduit from the shirt to you. Once you let go of all ties to anything except the wolves and the moon, you'll see that it never really mattered to begin with.
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By Derrek B. on July 29, 2015


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Sometimes the wolves leave the shirt and poop all over the house.

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buddie -

If Daddy Issues had a face. 

theBEAToff -

VU sir! Those who know, know.

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Just learned the guy from tool was in green jelly.... I remember the 3 pigs video as a kid