Wolverine #72 AMAZING (Massive Spoilers)

I'll try and explain it. In this world the bad guys have won and the most powerful have divided up America into states. Meanwhile Logan has survived and got a family but he's a shell of his former self, something happened to him to make him this way. He wont even pop his claws anymore.

One day Hawkeye comes along and offers Logan a job to transport some mechandise across the country, Logan who needs money to pay the Hulk bailiffs agrees to help.

The story revolves around this journey.

 Why isn't Wolverine's hair growing all crazy?


 So how did Hulk add up a bailif?


fack,they should make this into a movie.animated or when hugh jackman is 50 or 60.

It's not the Hulk.  It's the irradiated descendants of Bruce Banner.... and they are not nice.

Seriously, anyone who doesn't like this classic story is a str8 up hater.

Reading this has totally got me hot for comics again. It was so awesome! (though annoying that this 'widescreen' torrent bundle i downloaded has some out-of-sequence pages, i suspect) Now I'm going to get off my ass and read these Dr. Strange's I've been stockpiling.