Wolves can't win without Sczerbiak

And it really pains me to admit it. He is a tremedous shooter and he would stop the excessive trapping of KG and Cassell. They have no respect for Spree and Hassell. In fact, I think with Sczerbiak the Wolves might have been able to win the series. Oh well

I mentioned Sczerbiak about a week ago, nobody thought he'd matter. And as for them not respecting Spree or Hassell that's not gonna last. Hassell was hitting all types of shots when they left him open yesterday, and Spree is streaky, so he'll get on a streak soon.

"In fact, I think with Sczerbiak the Wolves might have been able to win the series."

LOL, they still can.

I'm just hoping for a competitive series, neither team has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the title.

lol, I was gonna say "just stop talking already" at the end of my first post but for some reason decided against it.

I should have gone with my initial post. heh

Damm for some reason I thought I was talking to SJ when I posted that reply. If I realized it was you I may have been more polite.

LOL @ that response!!!!!!!

I said it before and I'll say it again the Wolves have no chance of coming out of the West. They may even get swept by Sac.

And I fucking HATE Sac.

lol, Kings are great, but as much as I'd love to agree with you on a sweep I think that's pretty damn near impossible.

dude, that series is already over Kings just need to win quick so the Spurs don't have extra rest on them

lol, whatever