Woman Angry That Ay-Rabs Are Defending Their Store

Love it.

These gentlemen are patriots.



Lol @ '...the fake-ass Ramadan motherfuckers...'.

America !!!

Came to post this, smh

She could be a dnc congresswoman. 

also the arabs i know worship money and are hardcore businessfolk. Theyll magdump one of those aks into you before a single thing get looted:

Freaky_Hibiki - Does anyone here speak jive?

Excuse me....


I speak jive.........

From the Youtube comments: So this what a black Karen looks like?

This lady is legit hilarious, I could listen to her pontificate all day.

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comment form Youtube: "Her kuzzzin is a homicide detective no wonder crimes dont get solved"

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I can smell the alcohol on her breath from here

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They should charge her with hate crime offenses.


I have a feeling prosecutors will be busy once all this social media evidence gets accumulated.


If there is political will of course.. which seems lacking these days



Good for the Arabs, shit go to any black stripclub in Miami and will see security in the parking lot with ARs. Don't wanna get shot? then stay in your lane and don't loot.

Moroçco isn't in Africa ? 


This video is gold. It's like if you took an OGer, reveresed his political affiliation, race and gender, and have him alcohol and a smart phone


That's pure gold right there

She presented so well. Wielded the English Language like Excalibur. Such tolerance for others and amazed at how she could tell they were not American Citizens. Then the brilliance it took to film it for all to see just brilliant.

tj tapper -

Chi town Ay-rabs vs LA Rooftop Koreans. 


Who you got?

Rooftop Koreans all day

I rather be around a bunch of Arabs than her people 


that is the democratic base

Arabs dont play around and give zero fucks about American liberal bullshit

he agrees


Most potent argument for justifying and explaining the high rate of absentee black fathers that i have seen.

Fake ass Ramadans is going to become part of my vocabulary