Woman beats BF, forces him to drink bleach-Chicago

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Woman, 24, charged with murder after 'overpowering her boyfriend and forcing him to drink bleach during an argument' 


  • Yasmine Elder got into a fight with boyfriend Darrius Ellis, 26, as they sat in a van in Chicago early Monday morning
  • Police found Ellis and rushed him to the hospital where he died


A woman has been charged with first-degree murder after police say she overpowered her boyfriend during a fight and forced him to swallow bleach, killing him.

Authorities said Yasmine Elder, 24, got into an argument around 1:45am Monday with her boyfriend, Darrius Ellis, 26, while they were sitting in a van in the south side of Chicago in West Englewood, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Elder allegedly forced Ellis down and poured chlorine bleach down his throat, according to police.

Officers who were called to the scene found him lying on the ground and he was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to the chemical at 3:26am, according to the outlet.

Elder was arrested around 5:30pm Monday on the 6400 block of South Paulina Street.

An autopsy determined that Ellis died of 'complications from forcible administration of a caustic substance.'

Relatives said he had a five-year-old son. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, he worked as a welder and graduated from Kennedy-King College.

'He was a good kid,' his maternal grandfather, Clarence Hebron, told the outlet. 'Everybody loved him.' 

His aunt, Mengyona Flowers, wrote on Facebook: 'My nephew, this was a good young man trying his best. To help everybody taking my grand babies to school and picking them up every day. We loved him but God loved him best.'............







If I had $1,000 cash, and I offered YOU to bang her, AND spend the night, would you?

Milford Cubicle -

If I had $1,000 cash, and I offered YOU to bang her, AND spend the night, would you?

I'll take the bleach, thanks. 

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TommyRSU - Overpowered? What the fuck?
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Milford Cubicle - 

If I had $1,000 cash, and I offered YOU to bang her, AND spend the night, would you?

This negotiation is going to involve more 0s on your end, FYI


In the words of Chris Carter. "C'mon man"

HatchyMySackie - http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/android/video.php?v=wshh3Bx5g1Sw832TRX7X

I learned two lessons from that video and this thread.

1. Never go out with a bitch that's stronger than you.

2. Long hair doesn't help you in a fight.

Poor guy

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iFish -

There are easier ways to date a white man.

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TommyRSU - Overpowered? What the fuck?
Maybe he was drunk at the time


Once upon a time I was in the Navy. While stationed at Camp Pendleton, my duty day responsibilities were to be "duty master at arms". 


So one weekend while I had duty we were all sitting around playing spades and I got a phone call from PMO (base police) that there was a domestic disturbance and the service memeber was from our unit. 


Protocol is to remove the service member no matter what has happened. Im supposed to take his ID and bring him back to the unit and he can be dealt with on Monday. So we go there thinking maybe he hit his wife or something. We didnt have a name, only an address. When we get there PMO doesnt even want to go in cause his wife is acting like a lunatic. They told us who he was right about the time a window broke. So we go in to find him face down on the bed with her on his back smashing his bloody face into kids toys. She wouldnt stop. We had to pull this three hundred pound wildebeest off of his skinny ass. She could have without a doubt done what she wanted to him, to include forcing bleach down his throat. He had no chance. I spent most of the night at the hospital before I took him back to the unit. Then the following week he went to captains mast for underage drinking for the night his wife sent him to the hospital. 

I'm going to guess she was up around 2-1/2 bills and he was a tiny fella fighting well outside his weight class

Army should test some new ammo or some shit out in her. 

TommyRSU - Overpowered? What the fuck?

Probably clocked him with something and rendered him semi-conscious.

Milford Cubicle - 

If I had $1,000 cash, and I offered YOU to bang her, AND spend the night, would you?

She may try to bleach my anus.