Woman is mad her ex won't pay for her lifestyle


I think this same chick was on Kevin Samuels latest one.

Not everyone that has an IQ of 70 has downs syndrome. Some look like the girl in this video. I’m guessing her IQ is why her relationship didn’t workout with a man that could afford to buy her a car and an apartment.


I wouldn’t pay for a thing for her.


Is peoples really be that dumb?!


What the fuck is that banana bush thing on the left

You leave Cecil out of this!

And yes

My jaw is on the floor. Have creatures really become that delusional? When did creatures become so entitled?

I feel for today’s young men


She ain’t even very good looking unless your into fat girls with a moon face.



Yeah but like… he upgraded me to that lifestyle, I don’t get why I need to give that up now that I’m not sucking his dick!


Her head is of mongoloid shape


Temporary conditional upgrade


The least that her ex could do for her is to help her get setup with an OnlyFans hustle so that some of the OG members can fund her lifestyle.


I’d like to know what she thinks of someone going into work and telling their boss, “this work thing isn’t working out between us, so we should split. But I expect the office to keep paying me because I’m not going to downgrade my lifestyle just because it didn’t work out between us”


The black girl hit the nail on the head when she said “Cause he was fucking you”.

Does she really think some dude should pay for her shit and get nothing in return?

Woman like this are one step above whores as they have zero value except for being a cock holster; however they have convinced themselves that they are something special as a psychological barrier so they don’t have to face the facts that they are a hooker and have no redeeming value.

Imagine feeling so powerless that the only way you could get what you want in this world is through sex. That’s what she feels and she just doesn’t come to grips with it

Aging is going to be very hard for her

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when does dating alimony become a thing?

Yup. She will latch onto some fucking simp at about 35 who will view her as a goddess cause he’s never been with a girl like her and she will treat him like shit. She will also probably get knocked up ASAP by said simp in order to lock him in to a lifetime of paying for her shit.

It already is.