Woman is mad her ex won't pay for her lifestyle

The term “don’t hook with a hooker” applies to more than just boxing.


Holy shit… The level of entitlement here of the average woman must be insane


They are worse than whores. Whores have no delusions about the role they play in the sex for compensation equation.


Fuck a loft apartment and a Mercedes. That bitch is worth a Coleman pup tent and a 1988 Honda Civic.


Yea a hooker is putting in honest work.

This bitch is Trifling

Maybe she helped her ex close some lucrative business dealings. I highly doubt it, but it’s possible.

Watch the video again, her doing anything complex or requiring intelligence is extremely unlikely… Impossible I would say


Civics are reliable.

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lol nice insult to whores everywhere pal, I mean really? You obviously have more experience with this type of pig than a good old fashioned honest whore because most of the actual whores I’ve known (and I’ve known a few take my word for it) stand head and shoulders above that disgusting thing as far as character goes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sounds like she was some married guy’s side piece if he moved her into a loft instead of moving her in with him.

And the reason he can no longer afford that lifestyle for her he has another side piece to provide for now. His dick found a new home

She’s just extending the same argument that alimony already prescribes to, that since the man gets the woman used to a certain lifestyle, he has handicapped her and possibly caused her to miss other, possibly even more lucrative opportunities, it would constitute a form of abuse to pull that out from under her. Since there is recent precedent that supports this, she’s taking her shot.

On the other hand, if a guy’s stupid enough to let his dick manage his money for a side piece like that… Maybe he deserves this type of treatment. maybe he’ll get a little wiser but that’s incredibly doubtful.

I’m going to sue my mom because I lost my quality of life when I moved out of the basement!

  • This girl

She does not claim that.

Exactly. As I listened to her, I thought, “that sounds exactly like what married women say in divorce court”. We all agree it is insane here, but society accepts it as normal in divorce court.