Woman lands 100 shots; man hits her back once

Last time it was posted he was called a pussy, not her fault.

Eye eye eye

TryhardNobody - 

Man you busting out the 20 yr old videos today

Hadn't seen it before.


Was he holding her purse while she was tuning him up?

he ate the last tortilla

She did have a nice combo


I’m watching with the sound off, but that one punch seems to have calmed that over excited lady right down. 


Oh her? She just Wildcattin y’all !

Pussy pass revoked

Should have knocked that dumb cunt out much sooner

Lux Fixxins -

I have 2 daughters.   I’m going to teach them a simple truth:


1). Don’t try to fight a man of your size or greater.

2). Don’t bank on them not hitting you back.

How about "Don't fight a man of any size because they will beat the shit out of you"

After he hit her I'm pretty sure she said, "I think I'm in love".

People are missing who really knows how to fight.  That skanky blonde wants some with the way she gets both underhooks, then presses her against the cage to tire her out.



She over did it and paid the price for it.

Should've hit her harder. Or enough times to put her on the ground.