Woman makes tiktok about her murdered husband


There’s not much more infuriating than these TikTok vid’s. Like somehow China was able to design THE MOST instantly infuriating format & send it here. And of course it’s a pop culture sensation. It would piss me off watching even not talking about her dead husband but that’s just the cherry on top.

This is what we get when highly intelligent apes get rocks to think. Dystopian clown world.

Our country was founded by great men with nothing but axes, maps and muskets so that one day this chubby retard could awkwardly dance to a story of her long dead husband getting shot on a Chinese spyware app… Even the fall of Rome was probably much more virtuous to witness than the shit we see happening around us now.


It reminds me of Sodom… And I’m not religious.

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Would only care if she showed them big ass tittays.

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Hahahahaha come on, that cant be real can it

Some chubby bitch dancing to that . So brave so powerful.

Some murderer is fapping to memories of that bitches mug

The world we live in today may very well be ill beyond repair.


I think her point was that if the killer ever feels self pity she wants him to remember what he did to her and feel the pain of guilt instead.

By showing said killer her boobs bouncing up and down to an unfitting song?

Mission accomplished

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I think her real point was to get likes and followers at whatever cost.

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Well ya… that’s why they created Tiktok

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