Woman on ten dollar bill !! Who ?

Jennifer Lawrence's butthole. Phone Post 3.0

justingore -

Leslie Knope

VU Phone Post 3.0

Hope Solo's Roast Beef Phone Post 3.0

Jenna Jameson

Abigail Adams? Phone Post 3.0

Susan b Anthony already had a currency. Phone Post 3.0

Marilyn Monroe

marquis_wu - Jenna Jameson

1990's Jenna , not NOW

Sasha Grey Phone Post 3.0

No such thing as a ten female. Troll thread! Phone Post 3.0

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Let's take a founding father off and put some brod who didn't amount to anything on it because she is black and had a vagine. I'm actually insulted and offended by that idea. Why not give her a half cent piece, since that's about all she's worth. Phone Post 3.0

That chick from the Direct TV commercials. And her ass can go on the ten cent piece. Phone Post 3.0

Rachel Dolewhatever.

I'm a big fan of blackface. Phone Post 3.0

This is part of a push from the radical left to remove ALL of the founding fathers, one by one from our currency.

Next goal is to get Andrew Jackson off the $20.

They started with Hamilton because 95% of Americans have no idea who he was. It would be way too hard to start with Gerorge Washington.

This move is the "feel good" opening salvo of that is a much more comprehensive long term gold.

Put a woman, then a person of color,then a DIFFERENT person of a different color. The thing is to get rid of all the "old, white men" who --as we have all been indoctrinated by the radicals who own the public education system to believe,  were completely evil.



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Winner?? Phone Post 3.0

They should put her on a 9.5 dollar bill Phone Post 3.0

Rachel Dolezal or Caitlyn Jenner. So brave.

Monica lewinski Phone Post 3.0

BJTT-ComeHonorFace - Hope Solo's Roast Beef Phone Post 3.0
If you pay with that $10 at Arbys they upgrade your meal for free Phone Post 3.0