Woman punch/shoves a bear to save her dogs


Damn. More BALLS than brains ha ha


Fuck yeah! Lady gave no fucks. I would of died for my dogs.

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looked more like a push.


Bearstare was just minding his business and those dogs attacked him then some lady shoved him off the wall. It’s a pretty good story to be able to say you punched a bear in the mouth


gasp GIF

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She had a couple of cubs with her.

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That is one ride-or-die bish!

I love it!

She was down for her dogs with no hesitation at all and she even slid into the wall while throwing herself at that bear.


That bear had some cubs with her so you know why it was standing it’s ground.

So basically you have two Mommas ready to rumble for their kids, they collide, then both retreat with their little ones.

In the first part of that clip you can see the speed and power of that bear.

It would f@ck you up if it decided to get down and scrap.


True. I would have been in the background to yell MEDIC if it had gone the other way.

The big black dog looks to have taken a pretty serious swipe.

Hard to tell.

It may have.

But it also looked to have banged it’s head on the wall when dodging a swipe too and was probably running after that on instinct because it was dazed.

Also, near the end, there is a dog in the top right hand corner of the video in the other yard starting to come over but the bear was high tailing it out of there after it’s cubs at that point.

She actually tried to hug it, but like most women, she is terrible at everything and just like any men in her life, she ended up pushing them over the edge.


What are you talking about?

Did you see how quickly and without hesitation she went to her knees?

She’s a keeper!

Ya but you see how many dogs she has? Wouldn’t be surprised if she was dropping down to her knees for the dogs instead.

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…you’re a sick man.


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According to Newsweek, she’s 17.

Hyacinth has BALLS OF STEEL