Woman Rear Ends Lamborghini, Tries To Blame Driver For Her Screw Up

Everything in there could have been done on accident. He could have not been paying attention. It never shows that he actually hit the car. So if he doesn’t hit the car, and only gets close. He is an asshole?

You’re such a lost cause sometimes.

Well he didn’t buy that car by not being a dick but one of the first things you’re taught as a human being is that two wrongs don’t make a right.

And also, two Wongs don’t make a white.

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Big problem with society today is people won’t admit it when they’re wrong. People just double down.

This thread is a perfect example of that.

I don’t know that he hit her car. Only she claims that. My focus isn’t on that so much as it is on his move around her. I’m not defending her either. I’m only saying that it appears he wanted to avoid waiting at the light so he made an illegal move to go around her and blow through the intersection and he almost hit a cyclist. Had he waited instead of playing James Bond, there’d be no accident.

You’re right, it could have been an accident on his part. But in the first video, he didn’t say anything about that. He sounded really unsure and nervous and I couldn’t understand why. The video clearly looked like her bitch ass ran the red and banged into him. This one changes my perceprion of the whole thing.

She be wildin’


This was all posted 8+ days ago in this thread.

The video I posted is different thane the one in the op.

Edit: My bad. I thought I was up to speed in this thread.

Gordan Ramsay hit a Lambo!?

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