Woman receives her ebt food stamps care package





Whats this exactly?

oh man lol

What’s ebt mean?  

King Trav -

What’s ebt mean?  

Food stamps

don't look a gift horse in the mouth, you ungrateful piece of trash.

King Trav -

What’s ebt mean?  

electronic benefits transfer.  in lieu of actual paper coupons, you can get your food stamps electronically and use a credit card at the register.

she sounds like she is high on drugs or something


"oh my god, they are sending us individually wrapped, nutritious meals to our doorstep for free!


FUCK TRUMP ! ! ! "

So the unemployed hood rat gets free shit and still complains. Fuck I hate these monkeys. Get a job you scumbag piece of shit!

I’m still not tired of winning. 


Did you hear her? “Don’t do me no favors Trump. I ain’t eatin dat shit.”


Perfect. I don’t want her to have to eat that if she doesn’t  want to eat it. Go get a job and buy whatever you want with the money you earn. 

That's concerning. He may lose her vote next election.

scourge - That's concerning. He may lose her vote next election.


When did this become law? Last I heard he was talking about it but didn't know it had been implemented.

This months rations comrade, glory to dear leader.

My uncle used to work at the salvation army.  People would throw the food in the bags that they didnt want at the windows.  It was ridiculous 

I think this is good. If she is unhappy, she is free to go develop a marketable skill set and then get a job to purchase whatever she wants to.

F these abusers of the system!! I am beyond happy to see this. If you don't like what your FREE food is you probably need to get a job like the rest of us to buy what it is you want to eat.