Woman recites NWA f the police lyrics at school board meeting


Muuther fuuuhcker

Her accent makes it


Fuck da Police

what is with all these old (over 30 years old) White females letting the world know that they “like hip hop”…wearing wu tang shirts, claiming to be wu tang or whatever fans, reciting lyrics, etc

all these basic Janes from flyover country think they are hot shit with a new start in whatever metro area they moved to during college

Cultural appropriation imo


“Muhfucka, spittin’…!”


This woman is on the anti-critical-race-theory shit and mad that a NWA song was allegedly, somehow part of a curriculum.

You really have to bring in the boombox and let Ice Cube deliver those lyrics, btw. That’s what made them so memorable.

He went Chuck D, but more fierce.

Check Killer Mike channeling the same energy on Don’t Die over a nasty EL-P beat:

Why am I not surprised you’re pro racism?

I would like her to think about this when she is being fucked in the ass by a group of strangers crying for help

Wait, an NWA song is part of the curriculum? I have heard numerous schools displaying very obvious anti-police messaging so I guess it fits lol

Liberals gonna liberal

We have no idea how it fits into a curriculum.

I could see the early 90s LA riots being covered in a variety of classes. How are you not going to examine that critically by including NWA, Public Enemy, and the political and religious backlash that kicked off?

Wait, is that really on the curriculum? How is that allowed to be in, but The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, (the greatest novel by an American author), is removed for having similar language

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This will be the song to teach to the white father’s who have hot daughters in school:

Alright…next do Nobody Move where Eazy E put a gun in a trannies face and demanded a blowjob…

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Haha I know. The schizophrenic nature of liberals is funny to watch

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“I said, ‘Lay down, and unbutton your bra,’
There was the biggest titties that a nigga ever saw,
I said, ‘Damn!’ then the air got thinner,
Only thought in my mind, was going up in her,
The suspense was making me sick,
She took her panties down and the bitch had a dick!
I said, ‘Damn!’ dropped the gat from my hand,
What I thought was a bitch, was nothing but a man,
Put the gat to his legs, all the way up his skirt,
'Cause this is one faggot that I had to hurt, so…”

–Woke fags: “OMG! That is SO transphobic and homophobic…!”

You should watch the video, THEN comment

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LOL, wut? She is complaining about the lyrics not supporting them.