Woman rocked awake by meteorite chunk crashing into her bedroom

Have you never watched Meteorite Men?

People make alot of money finding them.

Small meteorites retain only a tiny percentage of their cosmic velocity by the time they hit Earth’s
surface. When they’re at the height of most commercial jets, atmospheric drag has taken its toll.

They’ve landed on roofs without even breaking through.

It depends upon the variety of the meteorite. Anywhere from 50-cents/gram to over $1,000/gram.

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The fact that it hit a dwelling increases its value.

Then the composition and origin.

I wonder what the odds of that actually are.

Absolute nonsense lol.

That looked more like a frozen shit bomb from an airliner.

This Bruise Is The Result of The Only Confirmed Meteorite Strike on a Human Ever


Holy shit!

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I know what you’re doing.

Hoping to score a “worthless” meteorite to turn in to a blade. You sneaky fuck.

Don’t stab me.

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Crazy odds. I mean, what were the odds it would be that lady and not Lizzo?