Woman Shoots BK drive thru over wait time

Wow, this one needs to be put the fuck down!!!

she just wanted to have it her way


Hahaha, someone commented that this is the most American thing America ever America’d!!! True…still somehow better than your shitty countries which even surprises me.

America won’t be better for long. Shit’s gone so far downhill during the past 12 years that we won’t be coming back from it. America is in a hard decline.

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As a black man, when I read “Woman shoots BK drive thru over wait time” I thought to myself" Please dont be black… Please dont be black…"
Lo and behold… tragic


Fixed For You.

Yes. We typically shootout in BK drive thrus. I can see you’re well read on statistics!
I like you guy… I dont know why but I do.

Lmao mf’ers were saying the same shit in the 60’s guaranteed. Ebbs and flows.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t play with black chicks in drive-thrus. They’re willing to go there.


I legit feel for you.

Maybe I am in lala land, but where I am from, nobody would associate my ex-manager Dave, or my buddy Omar with “hood” people…even tho they black. Racists gonna Race, but I think most of us know the difference between race and culture


Do you want bullets with that?

Diversity it our strength! Just another poor marginalized minority that is being held down by the white man. I bet if it she wasn’t black she would have gotten her burger much quicker!

This type of nonsense will continue to get worse.

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More people need to draw that distinction. You can’t blame all black people for ghetto culture.

Even though an unfortunately disproportionate amount are part of it and this culture of violence.

There are intelligent black conservatives that have nothing to do with that shit and shouldn’t be lumped in with it.


Thanks brotha. I always try to be the good black guy and set an example wherever I go. But no matter how much work I do, there will always be another black guy ready to set us back a few years. But alas, Im sure there is a well groomed and educated white guy in a trailer park trying to break his stereotypes too.
“Every man is a variation of yourself”


Well, this may surprise a lot of you whites, but there are in fact black librals who dont do dumb shit either. Im one of them. Im a middle school teacher, wrestling coach, Jiujitsu instructor, bass and guitar player, and a libral. Who cares about any of that. Its not about your race or political side, its about if your a fuckin moron asshole or not. Fuck all else. Faster you learn that, the faster we grow as a society.

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Its a shame but people like @TexDeuce probably won’t associate with you because you’re a liberal.

Conservatives are as intolerant as the extreme left.

Looks like that took place in Memphis, which should not surprise anyone. Has to be one of the worst places in the entire country.

I’ve pulled up to the speaker at BK drive throughs where they wouldn’t say anything hoping you’d give up and drive away. I understand her frustration. BK’s are the worst.

These types of ignorant statements only hurt the black community. Any black person that still votes liberal is cutting their own throat.

We can debate what causes blacks to partake in disproportionately large amounts of violence in our country, but one thing that is has an absolutely massive impact on this violence is the lack of a father in the household. The number of black single-parent households is steadily creeping up to 80%, which is insanity .

I would argue that the number one thing the black community can do to curb the violent behavior in the black community is to encourage and incentivize two parent households. Young black males wouldn’t seek out gangs to fill the role of their absent father among many other positive benefits.

Conversely, liberals/democrats/BLM encourage single parent households. They encourage the welfare state and they blame the black communities problems on “white supremacy”, “unconscious bias”, “NAZI racists”, etc. etc.

So no, Conservatives aren’t “as intolerant as the extreme left”. That is absurd when the “extreme left” (aka BLM) is literally calling for the dissolution of two-parent homes.

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Being a liberal doesn’t make you a bad person. You sound like a swell dude, I’m sure you are a good person. It just means you are a complete fucking idiot and directly contributing to the ruin of this country. You enable all of the bullshit the left is pushing out.

Open borders, cancel culture, Unites State of Woketopia, socialism, anti 2A, weak on crime, defund the police and blame law enforcement for societies ills, mandating biological males compete girls in sports, tax payers paying for sex changes, etc.

The list could go on and on. Good guy? Sure. I don’t hate you, and commend you for being a good person involved in some cool activities. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t a complete fucking idiot and bad for the country.

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