Woman Shoots BK drive thru over wait time

I associate with liberals. Have a few friends who are liberal we get along fine. That doesn’t change the fact that they are retarded dipshits and a plague on this country politically and culturally.

I actually like this idea.

I mean right now so much money is going out on stimulus cheques to people that never lost their jobs and may or may not need it.

I would rather see that money go to incentives towards the black community as an incentive to 2-parent households.

This needs to be tackled at the root and really that is the root.

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Def. up for giving black folk more free shit. Innercity schools are a great example of how well this works.


OOO. I get it now. We should all be Conservative, then all the worlds problems will be solved. Conservatives all have the same exact view point with every social and economic issue, so what could go wrong? I thought societal problems were so complex, turns out, I just have to join a specific political party, because all other ones are wrong.


No, you clearly don’t get shit. You are a liberal and supporting directly or indirectly all of the bullshit I just laid out.

Conservatives aren’t perfect by any means, no political group or party is. But they are a metric ton better than the shit the left is pushing out these days.

The Dems have gone far left and off the deep end. Anyone supporting their lunacy is bad for the country. Pretty simple.

You seem intelligent. Why u wasting ur time with these morans?

I stopped watching porn a few months ago, so I rub one out while trolling them dimwittable types lol

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