Woman Slaps Navy Officer, Claims His Uniform Is Fake And Accuses Him Of Stolen Valor, Turns Out He Is Real

I don’t get that at all.

Memorial Day weekend I stopped at a gas station to get pack of smokes and a six pack when I saw a service member pull up. Someone paid for his gas and then paid for the snack and bottle of water he got. A couple people invited him over to their cookouts.

This was just random dude in a uniform at a gas station in between a couple cornfields. I don’t have the horse power to understand the mental processes that would cause someone to act that way towards someone in uniform.

I’d bet a paycheck that the overwhelming majority of people who aren’t married to an active service member or living near a post wouldn’t be able to tell you whether someone’s uniform is legit or not.

At least that sailor didn’t hit her back.


They said she was married to a “veteran.” Hubby is probably out. If the officer was a mega dick and smart, he could find a way to get her banned from the base and or restrictions put on her military ID card if it happened on base. Otherwise, he’d have to do what any civilian does and file a restraining order etc.

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Fair enough. Thanks!

I’d be tempted to legally go after him after something like that. IMO, there’s much more diplomatic ways to figure out if someone’s full of shit or not than to start openly accusing.

Fuck the lady, for sure, but what kind of faggot brings their uniforms on leave? To go to a pizza place?

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