Woman who punched Jets Fan Charged w/ Assault

First, she got slugged at a Jets game — then she got slapped with assault charges.

The perky Pats fan punched in the head by an ex-con Gang Green fanatic during a videotaped brawl was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct Tuesday.
A female and male buddy with her — and the guy who clocked her — also were charged.

“The women were the aggressors,’’ a law-enforcement source told The Post.

Beautiful Boston blonde Jaclyn Nugent, 26, and buddy Amanda MacDowell, 25, of Marlborough, Mass., “were observed kicking and punching [Jets fan Kurt] Paschke in the body and head,” according to a statement from New Jersey State Police.
Paschke, a 38-year-old convicted killer from Holbrook, LI, responded by nailing the petite Nugent with a right cross, sending her head flying back.

That’s when Nugent’s friend David Sacco, 28, also of Boston, was “observed striking Paschke in the face,’’ cops said.
Sunday’s postgame melee at MetLife Stadium left all four with summonses.

They’ll receive court-appearance tickets through the mail and must show up in East Rutherford Municipal Court on Nov. 13, sources said.

Nugent — whose LinkedIn page says she graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a criminal-justice degree — did not return phone calls seeking comment.
Photos on her Facebook page show she loves short skirts, the beach and partying.

She was back at her job as an “application specialist’’ at the health-care technology firm Meditech on Tuesday.

Kurt Paschke (second from right) posing with Jets coach Rex Ryan and friends.

Photo: Facebook

Meanwhile, Paschke, the son of a former Suffolk County cop, was spotted leaving his lawyer’s Long Island office.
The exhausted-looking, burly bartender was accompanied by his parents.

His Garden City lawyer, Bruce Barket, later said in a statement, “It is clear that Kurt was defending himself, his mother and his friends from attack.

“Kurt’s two friends were unfortunately injured by the group and, as a result, had to be hospitalized. After the police complete their investigation, we expect Kurt to be vindicated.’’

The charges come a day after it was revealed that Paschke spent three years behind bars for fatally knifing a teen.
He was convicted of criminally negligent homicide for killing Henri Ferrer, 17, of Bay Shore during a fight outside a Sayville pizzeria in 1992.
Maybe someone should have told Jets owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan about Paschke’s past.

Recently, both Johnson and Ryan separately posed with uber fan Paschke and his specially tricked-out “Jets Mobile.”

The “Jets mobile” that Kurt Paschke takes to games.
Photos of Paschke’s meeting with both Jets honchos were posted on Facebook. The team also has photos of his bus on its official Facebook page.

A team spokesman said, “Both Woody and Coach Ryan have taken a countless number of photos with fans.”

The team also said that each of the offenders would not be admitted into the stadium until the legal process has run its course and they each take an online course.

“We have zero tolerance for this behavior,” the team said in a statement.

Paschke’s dad, Kurt Sr., 62, nearly cried Tuesday morning as he called his son “a gentle person’’ with no “history of violence.’’


Him being an ex-con has nothing to do with it.  They attacked him, and he defended himself.  

Mencken - 

Him being an ex-con has nothing to do with it.  They attacked him, and he defended himself.  

from the limited data we have this seems to be correct

pics of the beautiful Boston blonde?!?!?!??!

Hope Stabby gets off on this one.


Mencken - 

Him being an ex-con has nothing to do with it.  They attacked him, and he defended himself.  


Don't know if I would have punched a chick in the face but a nice Osoto Gari or harai goshi changes a lot of peoples attitudes pretty quickly ;)

"First, she got slugged at a Jets game -- then she got slapped with assault charges."

First she hit a MAN in the face then "she got slugged at a Jets game -- then she got slapped with assault charges."

Jacylyn Nugent - 

Amanda MacDowell -

Well at least the article isn't the least bit biased... Phone Post 3.0

She should be forced to pose nude

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Jacylyn Nugent - 

Amanda MacDowell -

Outstanding!  Both hot!!

I did a thread on this earlier, you can clearly see in the video the bitches attacking Paschke. He was just defending himself.


So he was 17 and killed a guy in a at fight, and now at 38, with no other criminal history, the article wants to call out Jets brass for taking pics with him?

As much of a douche that this guy is (I only say that because he is a Jets fan) I hope everything against him is dropped.

Where the fuck are the short skirt pics? Phone Post 3.0

This is where we need corporal punishment. They should both be spanked live on a web cam.

no history of violence.....except the murder conviction

i have conflicting thoughts on this. Phone Post

Bitches gotta learn not to put their hands on Men. There's too much testosterone in the food or something because broads think they can beat a dudes ass these days.