Woman's Body Explodes When Hit By Drunk Driver

She "died" in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and spent 18 months in a coma. She came back to become a competitive cyclist, get her doctorate and found two Silicon Valley companies.


PALO ALTO -- Her legs are pieced together with titanium and cadaver bones, and if you ask Ramona Pierson politely for a history of her replacement body parts, she can produce plastic sandwich bags filled with them. "That was my tibia for a while," she says, casually tossing a metal shinbone onto the conference table at Declara, the Silicon Valley startup of which she is -- miraculously -- co-founder and CEO.

In 1984, a drunken driver ran a red light near the Marine base where she was stationed, hitting her so hard that her body basically exploded.

She had what she calls "moments of being dead" during the ambulance trip to the hospital, but was revived and reassembled in the first of what would be more than 100 operations.

"I still carry around all the rosaries that people put on the hospital bed," she says. Pierson did not actually see any of those visitors, having been in a drug-induced coma for 18 months. When she woke up, she was blind, bald and, at 64 pounds, had lost nearly half her body weight.

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I read a story a few years back about two motorcyclists who were racing through some downtown area.  One of the bikers gunned it around a corner and hit the back of a semi trailer, I think at around 70mph.  His body basically did that same thing, only he didn't survive.  I'm amazed she did.  Crazy shit. 

What I'm most amazed by is that a bystander was able to massage her exposed heart until the ambulance got there. What are the odds someone is around who knows how to do that?

Didn't even look for the fuck that did it too her. Phone Post 3.0

What really gets to me is how insanely stupid, reckless, and dangerous others can be.

Whatever happened to the drunk driver?? Phone Post 3.0

DTAlexONE - What really gets to me is how insanely stupid, reckless, and dangerous others can be.

Whatever happened to the drunk driver?? Phone Post 3.0

I'd like to think he was caught and convicted while she was in a coma. The story said that when she finally did emerge from the coma she was so focused on going forward she has never bothered to find out.

Talk about not looking back. According to this article, surgeons botched a follow up surgery to repair one of her legs. It almost killed her again and set her recovery back even more. But she didn't sue because that would have taken time and effort away from getting better.


Great story - never quit!