Wombat's UFC 70 Predictions


wombat... do have you signed a contract that states "Do not post your picks on the Canadian UG"?

I know you are famous now but this is where you got your start man.


Funny stuff as always

No matter which site they are found on



alright!  figured out how to do a clickable link!

As a matter of fact, my contract does state exactly that. It also states that every second Thursday, I have to spend an hour in a phonebooth with an angry mountain lion.

Thats awesome wombat, have you tried having sex with the mountain lion in the phone booth? That might ease some of it's anger towards you?


I think your predictions are awesome, as always!


I bet he has, but it's just not in the contract

^^^ LOL

I have a no-sex-with-mountain-lions clause in my contract.


as always, very funny!