Women have no idea what men ACTUALLY want

This image/business consultant is brutally honest with women.
He cuts through all the Cosmo-esque brainwashing along the lines of “You’re special - you own your own business! Any man would be lucky to have you and your 3 angels from a previous relationship” and has women assess their value honestly, as if marriage was a business transaction.


It’s disgusting how society has lied to women, placing them in this situation to begin with.
They’re told that being a housewife is weak and oppressive, and to go “be your own woman” before starting a family - dumping your 20s into an education, then “building a career.”
In your mid 30s, find some curiously unmarried male to come share your debt and sexual baggage, on top of the costs of IVF treatments, because you want kids and are a year away from being infertile.

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Here’s all I require from a woman.
I need you to be attractive and I need you to be nice.
That’s it.


I think Kevin Samuels is great.

But women want to be kept in the dark, because the truth isn’t particularly great and preparing for it rocks the girl boat too much. Society has created tons of social conventions for women to trick suckers down the road and for suckers to remain useful idiots.

The economy thrives off of unhappy people and women in particular. Unhappy people buy crap. 83% of consumer spending is done by women.

Women are the gatekeepers for sex, men are the gatekeepers of relationships.


I don’t use clickbait language often, but click here to see a feminist get OBLITERATED


Interestingly though, both sex and relationships are on the decline.
Reversing gender roles (or at least turning men into women) ultimately destroys all incentives to build or procreate.

Most people have no NATURAL ORDER in their lives, down to basic biological roles
They’re angry and anxiety-riddled because they’re confused.
All the things that they’re told to pursue in order to find happiness only result in more chaos and depression, but they know no other way.


I don’t think the people at the top of western society care. Everywhere else is outbreeding the west. They just have keep the western countries a less shitty deal than the other ones, and people will keep showing up to push the buttons.

Society is trying to breed you and your values out while they close the door behind them.


I also need her to suck dick and fuck often.


Women definitely don’t know what men want.
Men also definitely don’t know how to sexually please women. The reactions I get from sucking on these clits…like I’m the first to ever do the damn thing


Yeah that’s encompassed by my definition of nice quite honestly lol.

A practical man would never udder the word @ctually

Women have no problem telling men what they think that men should want.


Marriage is a business transaction.


Family building is of higher importance than business, but I agree with the sentiment.

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Most women know: keep our balls empty and stomachs full. Smile.

Most choose not to do it. So be it.


It’s astounding to me how women AND men never really consider what anyone wants/needs out of them.

If I had to give one piece of advice to a young man, I’d say “Figure out what people’s expectations are for you, and exceed them.”

Does your employer want a pot smoking complainer in the office, or an efficient problem solving leader?
Does your wife want a farting manchild who plays video games all day, or a buttoned-down provider?
Does your child want a tattooed free-spirit parent, or a regimented dependable parent?

Nobody stops to answer any of these questions for themselves.
They live hour to hour, rolling their snowball of chaos down the hill, paying no mind to the pit below.


I need them to fuck me. That’s about it. As long as my girl satisfies my cave man brain. In that I must dump my seed into a woman. I’m pretty happy then. (Obviously no cheating)

Women don’t know what women want… why the fuck would we think they know what we want