Women have no idea what men ACTUALLY want

as someone who has a lot of experience being a boss at various levels of management and a husband for a long time (20+ years for both), this analogy breaks down in the following ways.

when i delegate decisions to people at work, i do so out of practicality. i have bigger things to worry about. i develop people to make good decisions, but i am still accountable for those decisions. if i put the wrong people in the wrong position for the wrong decisions that is still my responsibility. they aren’t my “partners”.

i don’t delegate decisions to my wife. we are buying a car now, and she knows ultimately that big purchases are my decision. i don’t delegate interior design or meal planning or day to day shit to her. i just don’t give a shit and am genuinely happy with whatever she does. she handles volume and i handle importance. that is the difference and is more of a partnership. kind of in the same sense of 2 people starting a company and one has a technical background and another a sales background. you are naturally going to focus on different shit as part of your partnership.

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Yes you do. Marriage is a delegation agreement for you to earn, and for her to take care of the home and the kids.

You’re playing semantic games, knowing full well what modern “men” and women ACTUALLY mean when they call their spouse a “partner.”

I understand your point and its not much different than what I describe, but there are more elements to the head of household vs partnership equation that also matter and make it different. Im essentially the public figurehead and representative for my family to the outside world in every case. If someone outside has a problem with one of my kids or with my wife, they need to come to me, not her. Part of my job as leader is to attract and absorb outside distractions so my staff is free to do their jobs, and that doesnt vary by subject matter. Also, I dont give a shit about house stuff until I DO give a shit about it, at which point I can technically override her decisions and say no, we are not buying that or having that in the house. She cant do that. I can probably count on one hand the number of times Ive overruled my wife on something she continued to feel strongly about, but when Ive done it, she abides by it becasue she considers it part of being a good wife, which is not the same as an equal partner.

the mistake you make here is the same mistake you make a lot, which is taking a dumbed down, most stereotypical view and applying it to everyone you perceive to be people you disagree with (modern “men”, in this case)

yes, i am sure some use partnership to stress absolutely equality in every way. it used to be used as kind of a virtue signal that you considered gay couples on even footing.

i mean it as a partnership like i would describe any other partnership. your example is a good one. child rearing is a partnership decision that requires partners to agree on the important things. when we first had kids, the decision for my wife to work part time and have family watch our daughter when that was viable, and then the decision for her not to work when my son was born were decisions of partners on the same page, which is what makes for a successful marriage. even being on the same page on major things so that such decisions are easier is the product of partnership.

as much as i think are wrong about other stuff, i have always found myself mostly agreeing with your views on family matters.

i do think that young husbands and dads blow it as head of their households by not making it clear what is important to them and what decisions they will not stand for.

I like my belly full and my balls empty. My girl of 24 years knows my needs and satisfies them. I’m a lucky dude.

It’s not a mistake. I speak in accurate generalities.
The dummy is the one who feels the need to chime in with “well I know a really tall Chinese guy!” when discussing height statistics.
If someone has an aneurism because I don’t qualify each statement with the totally obvious footnote of the existence of outliers, I don’t really want to have a conversation with that person anyways.

We ALL know that a “man” who refers to his wife as his “partner” is NOT the head of his household, 99.999% of the time.

maybe it is just a semantic discussion then.

i would never refer to my wife as “my partner” as that sounds douchey and ridiculous. but when discussing our marriage or any marriage, i would say that partnership is required for it to be successful. (which i would maintain is true)

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Of course we humans are more complex than that, but it’s the 80/20 rule at play. When your gal keeps your balls empty and stomach full, and is smiling and not a bitch, amazing how so much else goes along well ha ha.


i remember a while back before female posters were all chased off by douchebags (after fighters and minor celebrities were chased off by douchebags), a woman created a thread looking for ideas for valentines or an anniversary or whatever, and somebody replied…

“steak, blowjob and you don’t talk too much”

she kept looking for a “serious” response. but they really are cornerstones of happy men.

That’s funny because most of the OG women adopted “steak and blowjob day”. It’s a total thing.

I still want what’s behind door #3

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Truth! My ex-wife was a miserable, frigid, bitch I ultimately found out was cheating with a guy from work (hence the divorce). My current girlfriend follows the recipe above and we have a fantastic relationship. It goes a long way.

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