Women in the UFC

If you want to see how popular women fighting in the UFC really is, set up their own PPV event. Without the men I predict they would be a huge flop. To call "Rousy/Tate a co main event was a laugh. I love combat sports and wouldn't pay a dollar or take the time to watch women fight. Yes they work hard, bring the fire, etc etc but their fighting level is so inferior it ranks just above bowling on the interest scale. Phone Post 3.0

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OP seems ignorant and unaware.

Ive watched two UFC's at a bar; people showed waaay for interest and enthusiasm for the the female fights.

I highly doubt the interest level is on par with bowling. Phone Post 3.0

ignorant and insecure Phone Post 3.0

Girl fights are some of the best, and it's shown that way because both times Rousey has fought are both times that a few local bars got packed. Just because you're a close minded MMA fan doesn't mean everyone else is. A lot of people at the bar I went to were extremely excited about the Rousey-Tate fight, as much so as the Silva-Weidman rematch.

People love Ronda, and love women's fights. Phone Post 3.0

I agree with some of the points OP brings, but you could of presented it much better, Phone Post 3.0